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Did you know the story behind Merlin Tassel Loafer?

You might have heard this name somewhere, from stories, books, and TV shows. But, who exactly was Merlin, and why we took inspiration from this character?.

The stories describe this powerful wizard with many magical powers, including the ability of shape-shifting, and is well-known as mentor and tutor of legendary King Arthur.

Illustration of Merlin the wizard, source: https://ancient-origins.net.

While Merlin was a very prominent character in the legend of Camelot, that is not where he originated. Writer Geoffrey of Monmouth played a vital role by creating Merlin in his 1136 AD work, Historia Regum Britanniae  – The History of Kings of Britain. He created Merlin as a combination of several historical and legendary figures, combining the stories of North Brythonic prophet and madman, Myrddin Wyllt, and Romano-British war leader, Ambrosius Aurelianus, to create Merlin Ambrosius.

illustration for ‘Merlin’ by Robert de Boron. source: https://ancient-origins.net

Now let’s talk about the shoes, Merlin is exceptional because all the others that belong to the Nobles line are inspired by legendary knights, both fictional and actual.

But, Merlin was a terrific magician, not a muscular knight with a broadsword in shining and heavy armor. Therefore, tassel loafer would be perfect to represent this legendary sorcerer.

merlin tassel loafer
Merlin Tassel Loafer

Perfect shoes for a laid back style or a casual day, yet still make you look and feel smart as Merlin was known for his intelligence. Versatility was also an essential factor in this model, plus a classy touch so you can play around with your outfit. From the suit, if you want to be dressy to chino with a polo shirt, even shorts, with no show socks or no socks, for a casual weekend at the mall with your partner.

Being a mentor and tutor of the legendary King Arthur means he had royal blood running in his vein. So I browsed the internet about color theory s to find the perfect colors that represent royalty, yet fun to play around. Therefore, we chose the color of Sapphire Blue as it is a beautiful color but also has a “grande” vibe that emanates from it.

That’s pretty much about The Merlin tassel loafer. I will update this post anytime this post needs an update. Feel free to let me know if something is missing from this post.

Get Merlin tassel loafer here while they are still on sale with limited stock available, and unleash your charm without chanting the spell because Merlin does that for you.

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