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Supercharging Your Game!

You’ve been there where you had no idea about style, or knowledge about shoes in particular.
Then one day you decided that you want to upgrade every aspect in your life.
Including your style, and an excellent pair of shoes is a must.
But, we believe that you don’t want to go down once you reach the top.
Why not let us help you with that?.

We come out carrying a mission to keep you on top of your game. Hassle-free!


Brace yourself, the spicy senoritas smiling at you is only the beginning.

Using calfskin from top-class tanneries as the upper. So they will become more beautiful over time and easy to maintain.

Imagine you’re walking into a room, and everyone stares with amaze. You feel proud because you know that you’ve been paying attention to details from head to toe.

Material from World-Class Tanneries


We’ve all been there, after a long day, then a few cocktails with friends to call it a day.

Arrive at home, shut the door, you take your shoes off, and then the reek of dampness bursts out of your shoes.

The cause is your shoe uses synthetic material as the lining.
Your feet produce sweat throughout the day, especially on hot days.

It becomes worse if you’re wearing inferior quality shoes .

That’s what inspires us to use vegetable-tanned full-grain calfskin for the lining not only for comfort but to absorb the moisture.

Feel free to remove room fragrance spray from your weekly shopping list from now on.

uplifting the craftsmen

Where we are based, being a shoemaker has never been a choice of career is most cases. We do not agree with how society perceives this admirable profession.

Hence, we come out with a solution where we compensate what they deserve.

By wearing our shoes will not only make you look good.

But you also feel great knowing that you’re economically and socially supporting the craftsmen.

Our vision is to not only support the craft of shoemaking not only to exist but also flourish. It’s definitely not an easy job and a huge challenge lies ahead, but we’re prepared.

Collaborate with us for the glory of the shoemakers.


Hand-welted Construction

Shoes that stay with you for the rest of your life

Feel the difference between machine-made and the ones that are the Craftsmen put their heart and soul into it.

Combining the splendid material and our easy-to-follow shoe care guide, so your shoes will grow with you. Even your grandchildren.

Look good. do good. feel good.

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