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Spiral Wholecut Double Monkstrap


A pair of sexy Spiral wholecut Monkstrap, made out of Museum Calf in seductive navy color by the legendary Zonta tannery of Italy, known to be as one of the top-tier tannery in the game.

That means you get a pair of shoes that are not only beautifully crafted that supercharge your shoe game but also get even sexier over time due to the leather made by the top performer tannery in the industry.

Hand welted, hand-lasted, handstitched, and hand polished to ensure quality and the beauty of the final result.

Select from available last, such as the elegant chiseled soft square toe, Hippogriff.
Feels like to take a more classic style? the round-toe style last, Pegasus, will also be a good choice.

Available in different outsole options such as regular vegetable-tanned outsole, Dainite studded sole, JR Rendenbach, also Leather with Vibram Explosion toppy.

Feels like to keep them in their pristine condition? Lasted shoe trees and metal toe taps are also available.

Expected delivery is between late January and early-mid February (8-10 weeks).
They will be the perfect, sexy, and seductive shoes for an excellent Valentine’s night dinner with your other half.

Please refer to the sizing guide here.
We still strongly encourage you to talk to us before deciding on the size.

*The picture is only a reference and belongs to their respective owner.

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Double Monkstrap?

Well, we believe that you’ve seen or even own them, a pair of them, at least.

Amongst other styles in the classic footwear world, many enthusiasts consider them as the most versatile style when combined with perfect material and color. We agree on that, as they have the flexibility for many occasions, from afternoon strolling on weekends to the smart-casual business meetings.

Technically speaking, the shoemakers make them from several pieces of leather stitched together to make the whole piece.

But have you ever seen a wholecut with only one seam?. You probably have, but have you ever wondered about the happy feeling if you owned them?

If you haven’t, this is the chance to grab yours. The best thing is, it is for only a fraction of the price from the ones you have seen before.

This sexy pair of spiral wholecut double monkstrap will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Not only because of the design, but also the material.

The shoes use leather from top-grade Museum Calf in Navy from the infamous tannery in Italy, Conceria Zonta. The cloudy effect and the color of the leather will emanate the charm from you that will make people willingly give their compliments, also easy to shine and maintain.

Vegetable-tanned calfskin lining that absorbs sweat and moisture to give you extra comfort and keep the smelly shoe syndrome away from your house.

Real leather stiffener to keep the shoes in their shape, as well as to reinforce the toe box and heels counter, so you can have the mirror shine on them.

Various outsole options of your personal preference, such as vegetable-tanned leather, that is water-resistant and gives you a sleeker look.

Dainite studded sole if you prefer a more casual style that will help you walk the streets on wet days.

Want extra grip without sacrificing the sleekness? Vibram Explosion is ready to help you.

If long-lasting material and ultimate sleekness are what you’re looking for, then the JR Rendenbach is the answer. The German tannery JR Rendenbach made this outstanding outsole by using the most ancient technique with all-natural ingredients and soaked the hides for months.
That means they will last longer and save you money in the long term.

The craftsmen use hand welted construction, an ancient shoemaking method that will make the shoes last a lifetime and easy to repair.
That means you’ll be able to save your money in the long term and put your mind at ease, knowing that you won’t need to spend more money in a few months.

Last but not least, what’s the point of having high-quality shoes without lasted shoe trees?

Exclusively available to keep your shoes in their pristine condition.

Lead time is 8-10 weeks.
The picture is only a reference and belongs to their respective owner.

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C (Narrow), D (Standard), E (Wide), EE (Extra Wide), EEE (Ultra Wide)

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