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Sizing Guide

There are few ways to find the perfect size for your feet, but the simplest method is by measuring the length and the width of your feet.

Below is the size chart to help you determine your size. Please note that have standard width is D for Ready-to-wear shoes. Other widths are available for made to order.

size chart

Use the measurement chart above to determine your size based on your foot length or simply convert your regular US/UK size to European size.
As we use European sizing system.

Example: Your foot length is 270mm (27cm) that means your size based on the length is 42. That equals to UK8 / US9, once you’ve determined the size based on the length, you can see the chart below to determine the width. You can then decide based on your experience from other shoes by other brands, i.e your size of Carmina is 8 EE that translates to 42 D in our sizing.

Another example is if your regular size is 10UK F, that translates to 44 D in our sizing.

Another case is if your foot length falls on 278mm (27,8cm), that translates to 43 in our sizing, but we recommend you to size up to 44 for any closed laced shoes that are made in the chiseled toe last such as St. George or El Cid.

Hence, if your regular size is 8UK F we recommend you size up to 8,5UK F or 43 D in our sizing for any Oxford / Balmoral style shoes or boots that are made on the Hippogriff (chiseled toe last).

Below is the width comparison between our sizing width to regular UK, US and other brand such as Carmina.


This sizing guide is merely a rough estimation to determine your size, we strongly advice you to talk to us before purchasing our products. That’s because different style, pattern, and material will affect how the shoes will fit.

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