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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Vahtia.com

Vahtia (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the Vahtia website (the “Service”).

This page informs you of our terms and condition regarding the provided service, please read carefully as it can affect the customer experience.

By registering and/or using Vahtia, users state that you have read, understood, and agreed on all the points on the Terms and Condition page. These Terms and Conditions are legal forms of agreement between Vahtia and Users. If Users disagree on one, part or everything mentioned on Terms and Condition, we encourage Users not to use any service we provide.

A. Definition

B. Account, Data, and Security

C. Transaction And Payment.

D. Products and Service

E. Order Status and Processing

F. Delivery and Return

G. Cancellation

H. Refund

I. Change And Updates

A. Definition

Vahtia is an eCommerce store that is focused on but not limited to high-quality shoes with a high level of craftsmanship.
Vahtia website address is https://Vahtia.com

Terms and Condition are a form of agreement that contain agreements and rules that users have agreed upon

A user is a person who accesses, including but not limited to registered member, subscribers or any party that visits Vahtia

Buyers are persons that buy our products only on Vahtia or through the official accounts on any marketplaces we provide, but we encourage you to buy our products on our site.

Products are goods which have, including but not limited to physical form and can be delivered through courier service that we have provided.

Vahtia’s official bank account has been provided on the checkout and payment confirmation page as well as on email we send after you finish ordering, more payment options will be provided as soon as possible.

B. Account, Data, and Security

Users have agreed upon that Users are persons who are able and capable to understand and bound on a legal agreement under the law.

Vahtia does not take any fee to register on our site.

Users, including but not limited to registered users are able to do the following features:

Buy products
Write reviews and comments on our blog posts.
and/or any features we have provided.

Vahtia does have full rights to deactivate/ user’s account without any warning if a user is found guilty due to abusing or breaching on what has been agreed upon and/or what we have described on our privacy policy.

Users are prohibited to create, use any devices, software and/or any other tools that may cause any manipulation on our system such as :

Data manipulation
Crawling/Scraping activities
Automation on the transaction, buying, etc. or any other activities that are considered as system manipulation.

Users are responsible for their account data such as email, username, and password for any activities on our sites.

Vahtia will never ask the User’s username/email, or password for any reasons, therefore we encourage Users not to give any sensitive information to any party that acts on behalf of Vahtia or any suspicious party.

Users agree that Vahtia will not be held responsible for any loss or disadvantage that is caused including but not limited to giving access to any other party, accessing the link that is given by other parties, sharing User’s personal data or any loss that is caused by User’s negligence.

Users agree to always sign out after finish ordering or accessing our site.

C. Transaction And Payment

Users MUST follow the transaction process on our site or any marketplace we have provided. Proceed to the payment process with any selected payment method that has been selected by Users.
We will process your order after you confirm your payment on our Confirm Payment page or any procedures provided by the marketplace we have our official accounts on.

When buying products, Users agree on :

Buyers are responsible to read, understand, and agree on Product’s information/description (including but not limited to color, size, quality, functionality, or any other information provided) before deciding to do the transaction.

Buyers admit that colors of Products are true as seen on the User’s computer screen, Vahtia has done the best to make sure that the colors of products are as close as possible to actual Product’s color. But, we do not guarantee that the Product’s color on our site is 100% accurate.

Buyers are included in legally binding contracts when purchasing Product(s)

Buyers fully understand and agree that any transactions that are not done on our official site or our official accounts on any marketplaces we have provided are User’s own responsibility and Vahtia will not responsible for any loss.

Vahtia will not take any responsibilities for any payments that are not transferred to our official bank account number (or any payment portal) we have provided.

Payments must be done immediately(or as late as 2 hours) by Buyers after finishing the checkout to prevent the products are being held as “On Hold” process and to let other Buyers purchase particular Products in case Products are running low on stock and for maximum User experience.

Vahtia has full rights to cancel the transaction if Buyers can not fulfill the mentioned condition and Buyers does not have any right to claim or take any legal measure regarding this matter.

Payment must include proof of payment (invoice) and must be uploaded through the form on our Confirm Payment page if Buyers decided to use Direct Bank Transfer as payment method.
Buyers agree not to give or provide proof of payment to any parties other than Vahtia. Buyers will be fully responsible for any disadvantage or loss If anything happens regarding this matter.
Buyers MUST pay the exact amount of money as shown on the invoice, otherwise it may cause any delays in processing your order.

D. Products and Services

Vahtia is fully committed to providing Buyers the best quality products and service including but not limited to maximum User experience, after-sales services including but not limited to Return, please refer to section G for detailed Return process, warranty, feedback, etc.

E. Order Status and Process

The transaction will be put “On Hold/Pending” as soon as Buyers finish the Checkout process and Buyers are expected to proceed to the payment process, please refer to Section B.5 regarding this matter. Notification will be sent through an email containing detailed transaction information including payment method, shipping address, billing address, and any related information.

Transaction status will change to “Processing” as soon as we have cleared the Buyer’s payment on our account, and we will also send you notification through email.

Transaction status will change to “Completed” once the order has been shipped, please refer to Section F for Shipping and Return procedure. We will provide Buyers the tracking number along with courier service.

F. Delivery, Product Exchange, Return

Vahtia has full rights to decide on what courier service we use to deliver the products after the payment process has been done by Users.
Products will be shipped as late as 2×24 hours after payment has been confirmed if the item is in stock unless stated in particular situations.

A tracking number will be provided along with courier name and service, a notification will be sent through email once the products have been shipped, please allow 24 hours for the courier to provide you the shipping information.

There is NO delivery by the courier services on Weekend and/or on Public Holiday, we will still hand over the products to the courier services on Saturday, but the shipment will be delayed until Monday in the next following week or according to the Courier Service’s policy.

We use the best quality packaging to prevent our products from being damaged and we also have strict quality control before we ship our products, any loss or incident after we hand over the products to courier services will be the courier service’s responsibility.

Returns are only accepted if the invoice is included and the condition of the products is still the same as before we ship the products (no major defects or any condition that are caused by Buyers).

We only cover Free Shipping service for the first shipping process, the return shipping fee will be Buyer’s responsibility for our products.
Regarding the wrong size please refer to our size guide or consult with us before deciding to buy any products.

We provide Free Shipping for National Shipping, and Flat Rate for International Shipping, as we are doing our best to provide free International Shipping, which hopefully will happen soon.

We provide 1 year warranty for Re-sole service and 1 free polishing service.

G. Cancellation
We have the rights to cancel Buyer’s order if Buyers do not proceed to payment process immediately(as late as 2 hours) after the Checkout process, as mentioned on Section C.5 or any conditions that cause us to cancel the order.

H. Refund
Fee refund can only be done with following requirements:

Buyers have transferred more amount of fee that has already been provided on the invoices, please note that it takes at least 2×24 hours to do the refund process if Buyers decided to use Direct Bank Transfer, or according to any other platform’s policy.

There are major defects on our products that accidentally happened during our packing or production process.

I. Changes And Updates
Terms and Conditions will be changed and/or updated without notice. We encourage Users to visit our terms and conditions regularly. By visiting our website, Users agree to follow our Terms and Conditions and are bound to it

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